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Going all out for Malaysian palm oil

5 july, 2019

SEPANG: Malaysia will continue to intensify its efforts in convincing the world that its palm oil industry is sustainable, says Teresa Kok.

The Primary Industries Minister said this was not just limited to engaging with European lawma­kers but also conducting awareness campaigns in schools and the public sphere.

She said the government would continue to engage European stakeholders to counter the false allegations on palm oil with credible sci­en­­tific facts to protect the palm oil trade.

“We need all the support we can get to counter these false allegations and promote our palm oil. Many big companies in Malaysia have endorsed the advocacy of palm oil because they believe we are doing the right thing.

“We have also organised the Palm Oil Student Ambassador Pro­gram­me at universities to educate students on palm oil and enlist them as palm oil advocates.

“Shopping malls and the media will also screen our videos and display bunting with messages on palm oil at their premises,” Kok said at the launch of the Malaysian Palm Oil Centre at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) here.

Located at the departure hall on Level 5, the centre is to educate travellers on the benefits of palm oil.

It is part of the ministry’s “Love MY Palm Oil” campaign which aims to instil pride and a greater appreciation of the industry.

The minister said Malaysia’s oil industry was continuously attacked and linked with deforestation and loss of biodiversity, which she said were based on “misconstrued facts”.“It is a known fact that palm oil competes with other vegetable oils at the international market.

“Therefore, it is unfortunate that palm oil is a target due to being superior in terms of productivity, versatility and high nutritional properties,” said Kok.

She added that she and a delegation from her ministry will be meeting with the newly-elected members of the European Parliament and the European Council in No­­vember.“Their elections have just concluded, so we will continue to go over there and start a new round of lobbying this November.

“It is important to continue our engagement abroad to convince them that our palm oil industry is sustainable,” said Kok.

On the home front, she said the ministry is ramping up its campaign to get 100% Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil certification for all oil palm planted in the country by the end of the year.

Source : The Star