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Our observations about hydrogenation issue and the facts wrongly assumption by consumers

Often consumers are misled or misled by the large amount of information about palm oil.

Palm oil does not need to be hydrogenated as it naturally contains the same proportions of fatty acids. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils means the formation of harmful trans fats.

Consumers should focus not on front labeling NO PALM OIL, but on the composition of HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OILS or FATS , if there are a such ones in the ingredient list.

We agree to dietic doctors, dieticians, cardiologists on this issue.

Palm oil has nothing to do with HYDROGENATION, since its naturally is semi-solid.

In the future, food producers should avoid using hydrogenated vegetable oils, instead choosing fats from healthier alternatives, such as naturally saturated oils - palm or palm kernel oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter.

CAROTINO red palm oil is not hydrogenated.