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Palm oil is not harmful to health, contains natural carotenoids and vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols / tocopherols (especially red palm oil CAROTINO). Palm oil, like any other vegetable oil, does not form cholesterol.

There are enough scientific studies on saturated fatty acids that prove the good properties of palm oil and its safety for human health. Palm oil is used in the further production of many food products, such as (margarine, pasta, etc.) and non-food products (cosmetics, detergents, technical oils, etc.).

Palm oil is the most researched vegetable oil in the world. The leading producer is Malaysia and Indonesia, accounting for 85% of the world's total palm oil production. The more people in the world use biodiesel made from palm / rapeseed or soybean oil, the less vegetable oil will be available for food. Before slandering palm oil, you should read the truth carefully and not rely on assumptions or rumors.

TFA (Trans Fatty Acids) should not be misunderstood with saturated fatty acids present in palm oil, coconut oil or palm kernel oil in their natural state.

Palm oil does not need to be hydrogenated as it is semi solid containing 50% unsaturated and 50% saturated fatty acids.

Palm oil can also be hydrogenated alone or with other vegetable oils, then the end product will be VEGETABLE FAT and vegetable fat will contain harmful trans fats (TFA).

It should be noted that vegetable fats can also be made without palm oil by hydrogenation or interesterification of other vegetable oils, at the end, product will also be VEGETABLE FAT and contain harmful trans fats (TFA).

Palm oil is not vegetable fat and vegetable fat is not palm oil. This misperception leads to wrong understanding about palm oil.

Hydrogenated vegetable fats or oils are harmful to health.

Naturally saturated vegetable oils such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter are the solution to avoid hydrogenation.


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