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Sarkana palmu ella Carotino Facebook
Red palm oil Carotino in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic states, RBI SIA distributor of red palm oil Carotino
Sarkana palmu ella Carotino Latvija, Lietuva, Igaunija un Baltijas valstis

                        Adrese:  Margrietas 7, Rīga, Latvia / e-mail:   Tel: 371-29132516

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Carotino is the highest quality red palm fruit oil for frying, salads and food production, as it is rich in natural vitamins. The oil extraction technology is being developed at the Palm Oil Research Institute in Malaysia.

Carotino red palm oil has received stunning feedback in foreign markets, notes the company's management.

Refined red palm oil is now commercially produced by Carotino SDN. Bhd. (Malaysia), which has invested heavily in the construction of a new plant. Management comments that the oil has received good feedback from healthy food - oriented consumers in Japan and the UK. It has taken over the markets of many countries by storm. It is especially popular with customers who are concerned about heart disease and cancer. Carotino red palm oil has many advantages as a natural source of antioxidants. Carotino oil is obtained using a patented (chemical - free) process, giving the oil its traditional yellow color.

The distinctive red color of "Carotino" is obtained through a special refining process, where 80% of natural carotene and vitamin E are retained from crude palm oil. Coenzyme Q10 has been discovered by the Swiss Vitamin Institute.

Coenzyme Q10 restores the body's immune system and protects against diabetes, mental disorders and age-related diseases. Its natural antioxidants play a protective role in cell aging, atherosclerosis (narrowing of the walls of blood vessels) and cancer.\

1kg of oil is the equivalent amount for 60 days of consuming one tablespoon of oil per day.        The beauty of natural carotenoids is that they are converted in the body into vitamin A as much as the body needs and do not leave harmful effects. On the other hand, overdosing on synthetic vitamin A can be toxic.

Carotino is high in tocotrienol, a very rare component of vitamin E that suppresses the production of cholesterol in the liver and reduces the levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. Red palm oil also increases the body's supply of prostaohychin (hormones that prevent blood cells from sticking together) and reduces the formation of blood clots (a blood clot that can clog blood vessels).


Carotino is storming the world